29 November 2010

Some Ebay shopping :)

Here are some items I bought from ebay in the last 2 months:

Some earrings:

 A set of nail art brushes:


A set of jewelery:
A Tweety watch :)

And some Christmas water decals:

Have you bought anything from Ebay? Any suggestions?


Anonymous said...

i love everything! soooo cute especially the tweety watch!

Alexa1202 said...

@ShineyGlam Thanks!!

kory_nails said...

dap si eu am cumparat de pe ebay..convenabil..dureaza cam mult transportul dar se merita..mi-am luat multe pietricele de unghii..ca alea chiar erau ieftine


of course I bought on ebay!
where could I find my amazing Essie Opi and Cina glaze otherwise? ;) (they'r rather difficult to find here in Italy and -not less important- they're so much overpriced!)

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