08 September 2011

My Nail Polish Collection: China Glaze


Today I will start showing you my nail polish collection.

I will start with China Glaze and go through my whole collection.

Please, if you want to see a specific swatch  or comparison, just let me know and I will do it :)

Let's start:

Westside warrior (you can see a NOTD and also a KOTD here)

Street chic (you can see a NOTD and also a KOTD here)

Below deck (you can see a NOTD here)

Concrete catwalk (you can see a NOTD and also a KOTD here)

Urban night (you can see my swatch here)

 For my Romanian readers: I bought this polishes recently from BeautyInTheBottle.
You can find some other sades there or you can order the one you'd like.

 Part hearty (I have won this beauty from Kayla from Beauty by Kayla Shevonne)

Classic camel (Here you can see my swatch)

 Hey Doll

Swing Baby (Here you can see a manicure I did using this color)

Ingrid (Here you can see my swatch)

Emerald Fitzgerald (Here you can see my swatch)

 Goin' my way?

Riveter Rouge

 Bogie (here you can see my swatch)

 Foxy (You can see my manicure using this color here)

 First class ticket (here you can see my swatch)

 Midnight mission


As you can see, I own the entire Vintage Vixen collection (thanks to Nikki from Nail Talez and More).

Here you can see how the Vintage Vixen collection looks like stamped.

What China Glaze polishes do you own?
Which one is your favorite?

Up next: Essence nail polishes!

Stay tuned 'cause when I reach 350 followers I will host a giveaway! :)


hermetic said...

great China Glaze collection, love all the deep, fall shimmery colors, I have some dozen-ish polishes from China Glaze, will be posting those on my blog soon.

Alexa1202 said...

@hermetic can't wait to see them! :)

Kejal Shah said...

Awesome collecton !!

♥beauxs mom said...

Sweet collection my fav CG is strawberry fields.

Mihaela Gurău said...

Wooow! Tu chiar ai multe oje!

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