12 August 2010

NOTD & KOTD: Golden Rose Ceramics and black french :)

When I bought this pink I thought I would use it for French. Usually, I don't like pink nails or pink at all. :)
Nail polish used: Golden Rose Ceramics nr. 112, 3 coats

Because it was too much pink for me, I added some black french :D I like to result, the color in the picture is a little bit too strong because of the flash.
Nail polish for tips: Golden rose ceramics nr. 160
Image plate: M19

I wish I had some polka dots to add to the design :sigh:


Emy♥♥ said...

Alexa,i had never tried french with black! Liked this very much n i am goin to try soon!!

Maria said...


Leeblee said...

What a cool way to do a french!

latinonails said...

cool this black french on pink base! I love it :)

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