26 July 2011

My order from ThBoxes.com


Today I want to show you what I recently purchased from ThBoxes.com

I'll leave you with the pictures:


 I don't really like the key so I think I will remove it. 




I ordered this on July 7th and I picked it up from the Post today ( I think this is a very good shipping time, I was prepared to wait another 1 or 2 weeks).

 I like the products. They are very well made and very affordable.
I have one more order on the way, hope that I will receive it very soon.

So, what do you think?
Have you bought anything from ThBoxes.com?


Biba said...

These are all very lovely!

Jessica said...

All of these are pretty. I love the animal inspired pieces.

s. said...

some of these are really my style, I will have to check that site out. :)

morphine said...

i love the first bracelet so much, i cant wait to shop!

coco said...

frumoase bijouri :)

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