23 July 2011

Review: M64 Image plate from Bornprettystore

Hello everybody! 

How was your week? 
I've been to the seaside for the last 5 days and I just got back home.

Here, an envelope was waiting for me...
Let me show you what was inside:

This is an image plate from Bornprettystore, which they sent me for review. 

The image plate has a thin layer of plastic foil, which you can easily remove.
As you can see, the design is a perfect replica of M64 image plate from Konad. (it also has the same number)

The plate has the same dimensions as a Konad image plate and the designs are the same size. (I removed the plastic film from the plate)

I stamped each design using Flormar - 413 ( I wanted to use a normal polish, not a special stamping polish, just to show you that it works great)

The designs are very easy to stamp, they are clear and complete.

This is a good, cheap alternative to the original image plate.

You can buy it here, along with other designs.

You can also get 10% off using this code: ALEXAK31 
(valid until October 31st)

Have you got any image plates from Bornprettystore?
What do you think about them?


Camy said...

Ce dragut e modelul cu floricelele!

s. said...

I haven't tried any image plates from them but I made an order of other nail stuff and had good service :) those stamp great too

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