19 November 2011

NOTD: Plum Fairy


I was very happy that Ariadne asked me to swatch one of my polishes (I finally got the feeling that someone is reading what I am writing. I wish I got more comments, so I can know what do you think about the polishes, about the pictures, about everything...)

Because she asked me to swatch Cover Girl - Plum Fairy from my last post, here it is :)

It's a very nice purple color, with purple and golden shimmer.

Click on the pictures to see them better!

What do you want to see next?
Do you have any other requests?

Have a great weekend!!


Monica - Pisica albastra said...

culoarea e absolut superba!
ce pacat ca noi nu avem acces la Cover Girl decat prin comenzi online...

Rebecca said...

I read your blog as well, I'm just lousy at commenting.

What I like best is the simplicity and the fact that you limit the number of photos. I don't like the mayor pic-spams that some nail-blogs do.

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