24 January 2012

Review: Ylin Mood Color Changing Nail Polish from Bornprettystore


As promised, here is my review on Ylin Mood Color Changing Nail Polish, which I received from Bornprettystore!

This is one of my longest post ever, so bare with me please (I really liked taking pictures of this nail polish and you will see why!)

This is my first Color Changing Nail Polish and I was very eager to try it. After I applied the polish, I took the pictures immediately, so I'm sorry 'cause I didn't have time to clean my cuticles!

The polish comes is a small box:

It's blue below 33° C and becomes sky blue above 33° C.

This is how it looks like immediately after I applied two coats:

And then, it started changing :)

After it changed, I felt the need for a third coat.

After waiting a little bit for it to dry, I started playing with a bowl of cold water (and with a little help from my boyfriend - he took the pictures):

I really love the effect of this polish and I think it would look great on longer nails (and when you go to the seaside / pool).

On Bornprettystore you can find different color combos, along with many nail art products.

I also received a set of practice wheels - 10 wheels. They are made of transparent plastic and they are great for swatches. 
I like how they look, they came packed very well, so they were all intact.

I have already started to swatch some of the polishes from Models Own Beetle Juice Collection. Here is how they look like on the wheel:

This are great for keeping your collection in order and can help you (or your friends) decide faster on what nail polish to wear!

I have some other nail wheels and I have already started to swatch my entire collection and, if you'd like, I will show them to you (just say the word).

Don't forget you can use my coupon code: ALEXAK31 when buying from Bornprettystore and you will get 10% off your order (the shipping is free anywhere in the world!)!

Do you own any color changing polishes? Do you like them?

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Adina Aruştei said...

si mie trebuie sa imi ajunga o oja de asta.. din foto tale o ador!! daca nu ma insel, e fix aceeasi nuanta :)

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