21 May 2012

Essence Nude Glam swatches - Cafe Ole, Hazelnut cream pie and Toffee to go

Hello everybody!

Sorry for my lack of posting but I have been swamped at work.

Here are the swatches of Essence Nude Glam polishes I own.

This is "Cafe Ole" - the darkest of them all. This one is my favorite!

Second one is "Hazelnut cream pie" - as you can see in my picture this one has some purple shimmer.

And the last one is "Toffee to go" - The difference between this one and "Hazelnut cream pie" is the shimmer - this one has grey (white? Silver?) shimmer.

What do you think?
Which one do you like best?
What is your favorite nude polish?


ItsFridaySomewhere said...

Love them :X

Andrea Manases said...

One Toffee to go, please. 
:)  Unui mai frumos decat celalalt!

Aby Aby said...

Frumoase toate, insa cu ojele nude nu prea ma impac :( Asa ca nu am decat vreo' 3 nuante pe care le folosesc cam...never!:D Poate, poate o sa le incerc pe acestea. Prima nuanta ma atrage cel mai tare :D

AdelinaRadu said...

Mie una mi-ar ajunge, imi e cam greu sa fac diferenta intre ele, dar as alege Hazelnut cream :)

Nails, colours & more said...

cafe ole o am si eu, imi place foarte mult

Ana Maria said...

"Toffee to go" mi se pare cea mai faina :D cu prima ocazie o sa mi-o cumpar si eu. 

Alexa1202 said...

Prima este si preferata mea... Mi se potriveste cel mai bine!

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