31 May 2012

Review - Bornprettystore Magnetic nail polish - CHNail no. 22


A few weeks ago I received from Bornprettystore the Magnetic Polish no. 22 (and a magnet) to review.  This is how the polish looks in its bottle:

And this is how it looks on my nails:


This is one coat. The magnet is easy to use, but you have to be careful not to touch the nails (you have to keep it very close to the wet nail polish). The color is beautiful and I like the effect.

I have to try to stamp with it because it's very pigmented and I think it will stamp perfectly :) (of course, you will see the results on my blog).

You can find this polish here. There are also many other colors and different kinds of magnets!

You can use my discount coupon and get 10% off: ALEXAK31 (valid until October 1st)

Which is your favorite magnetic polish?

** Due to the fact that my grandma is very sick, I am spending almost all of my free time at the hospital. That is why I don't know when my next post will be. Thanks for understanding! **


Aby Aby said...

Se vede foarte frumos, imi place nuanta de rosu.
Imi pare rau pentru bunica ta, multa sanatate! 

Badita Iulia said...

Foarte frumos si iti vine bine aceasta nuanta de rosu.

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