30 November 2010

Giveaways (only for Romania)

Sorry, this giveaway it's only for Romanians.

MyaBeauty organizeaza un giveaway cu ocazia sarbatorilor. Iata ce puteti castiga:
Perioada de desfasurare a concursului este: 27 Noiembrie - 11 Decembrie ora 00:00.

Fairytales organizeaza un giveaway cu produse Andree Cosmetic:

Concursul dureaza pana pe data de 15 decembrie.

Descrierea produselor si mai multe detalii puteti afla aici: http://andreesfairytale.blogspot.com/2010/11/concurs-pentru-cei-care-detin-o-pagina.html 


Adela Sirghie organizeaza un nou giveaway (cu ajutorul lui Mos Craciun, bineinteles) care are ca premii produse Benefit.  

Mai multe detalii legate de modalitatile de inscriere, le gasiti aici:


29 November 2010

Some Ebay shopping :)

Here are some items I bought from ebay in the last 2 months:

Some earrings:

 A set of nail art brushes:


A set of jewelery:
A Tweety watch :)

And some Christmas water decals:

Have you bought anything from Ebay? Any suggestions?

28 November 2010

NOTD: Golden Twilight

A few weeks ago I bought some Avon polishes. I will show you the first one: Golden Twilight. It's a dark color (almost black) with colored shimmer. Here is how the shimmer looks in the bottle:

And here are some pictures after I applied it to my nails (I couldn't capture the shimmer so good) - 2 coats:

What do you think?

26 November 2010

NOTD & KOTD: Foxy with golden french tips

Here is another nail polish from China Glaze's Vintage Vixen collection: Foxy.

I think it's a color suited for Christmas. It'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

                           Sun (no flash)                    Shade (no flash)

Shade (no flash)

With flash

I added a design from Konad image plate M56 using Flormar NA09:

With Flash

 No flash

So what do you think? DO you like the color? Do you like the combination?

Review 3Chenes - 1.618 anti-wrinkle cream

Romanian (for English scroll down):

Acum 3 saptamani am primit cadou de la Mihaela 1.618 anti-wrinkle cream conceputa de laboratoarele 3Chenes din Franta, cu conditia sa ii fac un review. Ii multumesc ca a fost foarte intelegatoare si a acceptat sa fac acest review dupa examenul meu.

Crema a venit sigilata, intr-o cutie eleganta, in care se afla recipientul cu crema (50 ml). Are o culoare roz – bej deschis.

Ce spun producatorii:
“Cu o textura onctuoasa si fondanta, parfum floral subtil aceasta crema va va fermeca datorita proprietatilor sale. Reinnoire celulara, hidratare, regenerare si protectie antiradicali liberi sunt efecte obtinute datorita ingredientilor prezenti: canepa, susan, jojoba (efect antiage), KOLLAREN® (fermitate / reinnoire celulara), siliciu (antiradicali liberi / restructurant), nalba, anason (hidratare). Rezultatul obtinut: stergerea ridurilor, confort si stralucire.”

Fiind o crema antirid, am ales sa i-o dau mamei sa o incerce si sa imi spuna apoi parerea ei (mentionez ca mama este foarte alergica si vreau sa va spun de la inceput ca nu a avut nici un fel de problema in acest sens).

- Intra rapid in piele
- Nu lasa urme grase
- Nu e lipicioasa
-  Hidrateaza foarte bine, lasand tenul catifelat
- Nu are parabeni
Despre efectul antirid nu s-a putut pronunta, 2 saptamani fiind prea putine pentru a vedea efectele.

-          Mama prefer cremele cu un miros neutru (aceasta crema are un miros usor floral), dar dupa 2 – 3 zile s-a obisnuit cu el. E singurul lucru pe care a zis ca l-ar schimba la aceasta crema.

Ce parere aveti despre aceasta crema? Ati folosit produse 3Chenes?

Three weeks ago I received from Mihaela the 1.618 anti-wrinkle cream from 3Chenes Laboratories from France and she asked me to write a review after I use it for a while.

I received the cream sealed, in a nice container (50 ml). It has a pink – creamy color.

Because it’s a anti-wrinkle cream, I gave it to my mom to try it. (I want to mention from the beginning that my mom has a very sensitive skin and this cream didn’t cause her any troubles).
What did she like about the cream:
-          Goes rapidly into the skin
-          No greasy feeling afterwards
-          It’s not sticky
-          It’s a very hydrating cream, leaving the skin very smooth
-          She couldn’t say anything about the anti-wrinkle effect because she used it for only 2 weeks.

What she didn’t like:
-          The smell. She prefers that a cream has a neutral smell, but she got used to the floral (but discreet) smell in 2 -3 days.

What do you think about this cream? Have you ever used 3Chenes products before?

24 November 2010

Concurs @ Depozitul de Frumusete

Magazinul Unghiilor Perfecte si-a schimbat numele in Depozitul de Frumusete. Cu aceasta ocazie, Ioana, proprietara "Depozitului" ne invita la concurs!

Ce trebuie sa faceti pentru a castiga?
Pai, e chiar simplu: comandati de pe site-ul lor produse in valoare minima de 50 ron si puteti castiga unul din cele trei premii puse la bataie de Ioana.
 Pe site gasiti o multime de produse: pensule, accesorii nail art, oje si, mai nou, bijuterii, accesorii si cadouri.

Locul 1 - setul format din lampa 4 neoane si 2 timere, 5 cutii de gel ez flow, 15 gr cutia, 4 pensule pentru gel si pictura, 2 cutii lipici , 1 cutie 400 tips naturale si 1 cutie 100 tips french, 1 ghilotina, 1 primer, 1 top coat , 1 set 50 bete lemn, 4 pile diferite abrazivitati , 2 buffere, 1 deget practica , 1 instrument punctare - stic, 1 rola 500 sabloane , produse pentru nail art si instructiuni detaliate despre cum sa aplicati gelul pe tipsuri sau pe propriile unghii naturale.
Locul 2 - set gel start 1 plus 5 articole de nail art
Locul 3 - set gel start 1 

Ea nu le-a uitat nici pe bloggerite, pregatindu-le si lor o surpriza.
Dati sfoara in tara, pe blogul vostru si puteti castiga unul din cele 5 premii.

Ambele concursuri se incheie pe 24 noiembrie.

23 November 2010

Back to blogging!


I'm so sorry for the absence, but I had a very important exam on Sunday and I didn't have time to blog. 
But starting tomorrow I will start posting again, I have a lot of NOTD's, some hauls and a review for a 3chenes creme. 

Because I got a good result on Sunday, I am able to choose exactly what I wanted: ENT! 

Have a great week,

09 November 2010

NOTD: Classic Camel

Here is another color from China Glaze - Vintage Vixen collection: Classic Camel 
I can't decide if I like this color or not (depends of the light)
Here are the pictures: (2 coats, I had no problems with the application)


 I tried to do a design with Konad Image plate M63 and Special black polish, but I think it was too much for me (I will try again with another color - no black), so I only made a finger. This design reminds me of Greece (so I will redo it with blue and white :D)

What do you think?
Do you like the color? What about the design?
What design would you try to do with this color as a base?

07 November 2010

Please vote for me! (another nail art contest) - Rock & Roll

The Laquerista organized a nail art contest having "Rock and Roll" as a theme. Here is my entry:

Rock & Roll Mix
It would mean a lot to me if you would vote for my entry.

At the bottom of the page you will find a form. You have to select the name of my entry and say why you chose it.

Thank you so much!!!

P.S: Don't forget my other nail art contest entry: http://alexa1202.blogspot.com/2010/11/please-vote-for-me-nail-art-contest.html.

Have a nice weekend

06 November 2010

Please vote for me! (nail art contest)

Hello. Simply Rins organized a nail art contest having her favorite color as a theme. It is called "Color me red" and I submitted an entry.
Here is it:

Anyone can vote using his/hers email address and name. You have to choose 3 (three) designs and complete the form you can find on that page. You have to say why you choose that design.
You can vote until 9 November.

Please vote for me!
I would really appreciated if you can spread the word!
Thank you so much and have a great weekend,
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