My image plate collection


Because some of you asked me to show you my image plate collection, I took photos (a lot of them) of every single image plate I own!

Here are my Konad image plates (I bought this from; Facebook page:


My H series image plates:

My Bundle Monster Image plates: (I bought [actually my boyfriend bought them; they were a gift from him] these 2 sets from; Facebook page:

Set 1:

Set 2:

My Essence image plates:

My Bornpretty image plates (Stamping plates; Facebook page:

My no name image plates:

And if you are wondering how do I store them, this is how - in a name-card holder (they fit perfectly in its pockets and it's easy to store)

How many stamping plates to you have and how do you store them? 


laurica83 said...

I have 15 Konads and 3 from bornprettystore. Because i don't have that many as you, I keep them in an empty body lotion jar.:))

Abyukina said...

oh!!i love your collection, especially the ones with the peace sign!I only have one image plate but i'm determined to make a collection this year!hope i'll get it :)

Katrien said...

You have soooo many image plates! I only have some of essence. I woudl love to buy some of Konad or Bundle Monster but I don't know where I can buy this (in a real store because online I can find enough shops). Would you recommend me to buy in the Born Pretty Store? It would be the first time I buy something online, but I'm affraid I have no other choice. I'm just scared I will have paid for it but will never receive it.

dy said...

I love the diamond in BM09 and the disk with the deer! Please check my blog too: and comment if you like anything thanks:)

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