31 October 2011

Review: Scented nail polish remover pads

Hello everybody!

How have you been lately?

I'm back from my course (which was great!) and I have some catch-up to do.
This past month I didn't have time to do my nails (and that's why now they are very very short), but I bought some great nail polishes which I will sow you in another post.

While I was away, I also received a package from Bornprettystore.

This is what I got:

First of all I want to say that the pads smell amazing! I wish you could sense the smell through the pictures :)

 Scents I have: apple, melon, lily, strawberry, grapes, oranges.
They came sealed (you can see the plastic wrap around them) and each box contains 32 pads. 

 I opened the strawberry one and this is how it looks like:

The pads are thin and well soaked in polish remover.

Here is a close up with two pads.

 I wanted to try them so I can see how good they clean the nail polish.

I had a polish on my nails and I added some glitter ('cause we all know how hard it is to take that off :) )

I used 2 pads to clean 5 nails: 3 with glitter and 2 without glitter (I forgot to take a photo with the pads after cleaning the polish, but I will take one next time)

Here are my nails after: 

The pads work really good. The easily remove the nail polish (even the glittery one, and I didn't have to rub very hard to do that!).

I think the pads are great to use to remove the glittery polish using the aluminum foil method (cut in half they cover the nail just perfect if you have smaller nails).

What I like most about the pads (except the scent; my favorites are strawberry and melon) is that they don't dry your cuticles!! 
Because the box is quite small, you can easily take one with you in your everyday bag or when you travel and you want to save some space!

Do I recommend them? 

You can find them here, along with a lot more nail art supply. You can buy the whole set or you can find them separately, if you prefer a certain scent!

You can use my coupon code: ALEXAK31 to get 10% discount! 

 I will share my opinions about the cuticle pusher & remover on my next post.

So, have you used them before? Do you like them?
Which is your favorite nail polish remover?

Thanks for reading!

10 October 2011

Quick update

Hello everybody!

If you were wondering why I suddenly disappeared, let me tell you the reason:
I am taking a German course in Schwäbisch Hall in Baden-Württemberg, Germany. 
I'll stay here almost to the end of the month, so I won't be able to post anything until then. 

But don't you worry. When I'll come back, I will have a giveaway for you (I reached 350 followers, Yay!! - Thanks!) and some new polishes to show you (I bought some polishes from the new Essence collection and my first Catrice polish)!

So stay tuned!

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