06 April 2011

KOTD: Yellow flowers - blue my mind & BornPrettyStore - Stamping colors


I know it's like forever since I last posted, but I am really swamped at work, I get home really tired and late. 
I have to find a way to post more often, maybe schedule some posts ahead when I have some spare time, cause I have a lot of manicures waiting to be posted :)
If you have any useful tips, please share :)

Now, let's get back to business:
If you have read my past posts, you know that BornPrettyStore sent me some stamping nail polishes:

I have stamped them all on paper, so you can see the result.

 As you can easily see, the colors are very pigmented and nice. 
They dry up pretty fast, so you have to be quick so you can stamp the whole design. 

You can find this item, along with many nail art products on their site.

Now, let me show you a design I made using the yellow polish.

For the base I used H&M - Blue my mind. It's a bright blue, suited for spring and summer.

After this, I stamped a design from BM12 image plate using the yellow color from the above set.

What do you think?
Do you like the combination?


Natalie said...

I think it's so pretty! I love the blue and yellow together! And, those stamping polishes look awesome, lucky! :)

Jules said...

Uu, gorgeus color!

Unknown said...

love the stamps....

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