21 April 2012

Essence nail polishes stamping sample


Because I get many questions regarding what nail polishes are good for stamping, I started my own project: I want to stamp every polish in my collection. 
That's why today I want to show you how my Essence nail polishes look stamped. 

I only stamped on white paper (so I don't know how they look on a dark color, but if you want to know, please leave a comment with the color you want to see stamped over a dark color!)

So, let's get started:

If not specified, the polishes are from Color & Go collection. Please click on the pictures to see them bigger.

   1. Where is the party?       2. Break Through       3. Meet me now!        4. No more drama            5. A lovely secret        6. Passion for fashion         7. Boys are back in town (3 in 1)     8. Dress to party (Multi dimension)     9. Thelma (Twins)

   10. Bella (Twins)      11. Just rock it!      12. Chuck (Twins)    13. Underwater    14. In style     15. Hard to resist     16. Let's get lost!    17. Out of my mind      18. Midnight date (3 in 1)     19. Choose me!     20. Trust in fashion     21. Viva la green     22. Lime up!

23. Wake up!    24. Everybody's talking about     25. Just shout! (Multi Dimension)     26. Glam girl (Multi dimension)     27. Mr. Big (Twins)     28. Better late than never     29. What do you think?       30. Fame fatal        31. Fateful desire      32. C'est la vie!        33. You're the one       34. Reach peach     35. Love of pink (Multi Dimension)

36. Ticket to the show (3 in 1)    37. Galactic black      38. Fabuless       39. Date with the night       40. Luxury secret        41. Just in case        42. Absolutely stylish         43. Princess prunella      44. The only chance!        45. Walk of fame       46. Shiny godness        47. Rich & pretty        48. Can't cheat on me     49. Camouflage     50. High spirits      51. Movie star

52. Iron Goddess (Metallics)     53. Metal battle (Metallics)     54. Sundancer    55. Wanna be your sunshine      56. Got a secret      57. Romeo (Twins)     58. Irreplaceable    59. Toffee to go (Nude glam)    60. Hazelnut cream pie (Nude glam)     61. Cafe Ole (Nude glam)

62. The one and only (Multi dimension)      63. Trendsetter (Multi dimension)      64. Must have (Multi dimension)      65. Fatal  (Multi dimension)       66. Purple diamond  (Multi dimension)     67. Spicy  (Multi dimension)      68. Purple cherry  (Multi dimension)       69. Late at night  (Multi dimension)     70. Caribbean sea (Show your feet)

I will present the image plate used tomorrow, 'cause I did a review for it. 

If you want to see how China Glaze Vintage Vixen looks stamped (and also Eyeko's Tea Rose Polish) click here.

If you like it, please share this post so everyone can see how they look stamped!


From Meg with Love said...

ai atatea nuante?? wow

Emma Coman said...

woowwww, eu n-am nicio oja Essence, dar tu cred ca ti-ai luat toata colectia Color&go [;))] sa le folosesti sanatoasa [>:D<]

Cristina Santos said...

Hello! :) Yes, i have a few of essence polishes and i know they stamp, but there's a catch. Most of colours don't stamp in dark base polishes because the don't outstand. For example, Where's the party in blue/black base is hard to differentiate lol. :)**

Jackie Burton said...

Thanks for such an informative post, great blog!!

Nail Designs xox said...

 Wow, a lot of these look like they are great stampers!

KejalShah said...

alexa..this is extremely helpful!! I m eagerly waiting to see ChG and OPis stamped. I have access to some of those..but not essence yet

AlexandraRotaru said...

 holy mother of nail polishes:))

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